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February 26, 2000-  New Info and Sections Almost Here

Some connection and DoS messages have been preventing us from doing many updates.  Please bear with us as we continue to update our sections and look into moving to a new server.  Also, we are still in the process of finding staff to support us in Netscape.  Please e-mail the address to the left if you want to join.

May the Persecutors become the Persecuted.  Exiled Unite!

HTMLman101, Lead Webmaster


February 11, 2000-  Help Wanted

We here at Sprawler Colony would like to invite any computer graphics artists or web designers on to our little team.  We are especially looking for someone to handle a mirror site for our Netscape and IE3 users out there.  Currently this page is limited to IE4 and 5 users due to content enhancement as well as formatting problems.  Hope a couple of you are interested.  Please e-mail HTMLman101 for more information on joining us in our quest to become the superiors above the JDA.